If you are purchasing another TV box what things you should looking? Every box doesn’t come with all particular features. You should pick and choose what is vital for you. It is simple box that is running the android operating system. Millions of the people are using Smartphone, able to use such features in digital box as well. Everyone want perfect gadgets in cheaper rates, should visit on WittyEdge – Top Android Reviews for more details about the latest gadgets.

However, you’ve heard about plenty of different gadgets being thrown around from different websites such as facebook and other networks. This terminology is being dilemma for new users, but with this article will able to solve the all complicated questions.

  • Android 5.1 or higher

There are plenty of gadgets available that comes with Android 4.4 firmware or less even from some big developers. Think about that, before buying an product, should check their android version and processor, etc. a newer version come in the market without any bugs and great improvements.


So what does android 6.0 offers?

After getting higher android version will able to use the more advance features with great sound quality.


  • Entire new program library that require less time to setup, additional disk space and processor speed far higher as compared to others.
  • After getting features of OpenGl 3.1 would be easy to watch 3D and 2D designs.
  • Comes with better design with modern interface.
  • Easy to use audio and output through the USB devices.

Before having internet connectivity box, should read the above mention key aspects for modern gadget.


The bottom line

Despite all the facts, visit on WittyEdge – Top Android Reviews for more TV stick and check the main features of the latest gadgets.