Own a home long enough, and you’ll likely want to remodel one or more bathrooms. You also might just do it when you first buy a home so you can make it more your own. Of course your need for bathtub installation might be more about replacing an older or broken tub, or you could even be installing one into a half-bath to upgrade it to a full bath.

Whatever the case may be, bathtub installation is rarely a one-person job, and if you’re doing it yourself, you’re not likely to get it done in one day. You might not even get it done in one weekend. Just making sure there are the proper plumbing connections can be a pain, and that part you might want to farm out to a contractor or professional.

Physically laying a tub into the appropriate basin and lining up the fixture with the existing plumbing connections, and sometimes a strong man can physically carry a tub into the home and put it in place. However, putting all the tile up takes hours to do and then longer to let it set, so no one will be taking a shower just yet.

If you want to make sure the work is done right, it’s worth considering having a professional plumber and his or contractors or technicians just take care of this for you. Their labor costs might mean spending more money than you would doing it yourself, but there’s also little risk of the work going wrong, and that’s something that can cost you a lot more later on.

Upgrading or replacing an older model with a new bathtub installation can pay off dramatically though in the long run. Some existing tubs are decades old, but newer ones are very durable.