As we all know, Miralax is basically a brand name which makes drugs like polyethylene 3350 which is very helpful in terms to get relaxation from constipation. Constipation is basically a very common disease; faced by a lot of people due to lack of a good diet. If you don’t want to be a victim of constipation than adding high fibre food to your diet such as whole grain, fresh fruits is a lifeline.  If still, one suffers from constipation there is a medication formed to give relaxation to the sufferers. How long does a Miralax take to work is depending on the situation of the patient. A doctor recommends the dose depending upon the situation of the patient. Usually, the dosage recommended is a heaping table spoon and it is important for the patient to take dosage regularly.

In many cases, the patient misses the dose of Miralax or overdose Miralax. In both the cases, the patients have to face different problems.

Missed dose of Miralax

Polyethylene is a medication which is very helpful in constipation. It creates a bowel moment and it takes around 4 to 5 days to Miralax polyethylene 3350 to create a bowel moment. If patient skip the dosage of polyethylene 3350. Then the person would remain constipated and have to start the process of taking it from starting. Thus to avoid such a situation the patient should complete the process in one time. Or else the patients have to face the constipation problems until completing the medication process.

Over dosing Miralax

Everything is beneficial until it crosses the limit. Miralax is also beneficial until a patient over dose it. Many of the patients take larger doses of the polyethylene 3350 considering that their problem of constipation will vanish quickly. Opposite to it if a patient over dose it, then they will be pushing them self to problems. As overdosing polyethylene 3350 can cause many problems such as increased thirst, confusion, seizure, etc. where the patient wanted to get rid of constipation, he/she will be having more problems.

If an individual is having constipation than the individual should have proper treatment of it until they get relief from it. The patient should neither miss the dose nor overdose the medication. Thus if a person is not suffering from constipation or is going through the early stages of it, then to avoid constipation in future they must add fibre rich food.