If you have ever doubted the power of advertising, you must take a look at Fiat Impatto ad campaign designed by Impatto. Impatto single handedly caught the imagination of the people of the country towards Fiat 500, the flagship car of the Italian automobile giant. Fiat was trying hard to shed its past image in the country when it received lots of complaints from the owners. It wanted to start afresh in North America after making a hasty retreat 25 years ago.


Impatto came up with a brilliant idea that laid the backbone of this new TV commercial. It first showed the original 1957 Fiat 500 driving up to a drive in Movie Theater. This as a way of telling the audience that Fiat 500 is not new but an old classic. The scene then shifts to a video of rock and roll legend Elvis Presley where he is singing his popular 1957 song titled Jailbreak House. Finally the new Fiat 500 is shown in all its glory and viewers are told that it is only one in a while that a product as powerful and revolutionary as Fiat 500 comes along.  This ad had a lasting impression on the minds of Americans, especially the youngsters. They finally had a reason to go for Fait 500, a car that was more American than the American cars now that it was likened with Elvis Presley.


Fiat Impatto partnership was formed after this ad and the company made many more ads, both print as well as electronic to help Fiat in the sale of its cars. The tagline which says simply more is enough to lure the customer, leaving him desirous for more. The ad compelled many to see and touch the car to experience the magical connection with the cultural icon of America.