Meditation is the art where a person focuses on some of the specific objects to achieve a state where there are mental peace and emotional calmness. Meditation is used to reduce the stress level, agitation, and pain. It can be done by just sitting and repeating your mantra and throughout the process, your eyes must be closed.

There are lots of Benefits of Meditation and practicing it on the regular basis of a religion and traditional way. From the past 19th century, meditation has been spread from Indian to western culture where it is generally practiced in business life. Mediation is under the cardiovascular and psychological; research that will help to find all the health benefits.

History of Yoga and Meditation

The history of mediation explains itself in religious context within which it is generally practiced. Some authors have suggested that there are lots of the people who are know practicing meditation on regular basis. Some of the references to meditation have been found in the Hindu Vedas.  The Islamic practice the dhikr has repeated name of the god for 99 times.

By the end of 12th century, when the Sufism was practiced, it has some of the techniques that are used while doing meditation. They practice at the time the breathing activity and repeating the holy names. While interaction with the Indians, Sufis have definitely influenced with their eastern Christian form of meditation. Between the 10 and 14th century, hesychasm have been developed particularly in Greece and I think form there was the repetition of the Jesus prayer throughout the process.

Basically, this is regarded as the brief history of meditation that from where this originates from. We get to know all the benefits of meditation that is being sunk with the history of mediation likewise.