If you are irritated with the flea and want to get rid of these pests then there are many homemade flea Spay for House that can help. You can find many methods but the best one depends on the type of use. Basically, pets get most of the issues due to pest but now everything can be controlled as you can use some of the best homemade spray. These are easy to use and most of people find these effective, safe and cost efficient.

  • You can try out herbal flea spray as this is a natural and this is one of the best as it is made up of natural products so this isn’t harmful to use around pets and children. Mix up 4lt vinegar, 500ml of lemon extract and 2 litters water. On the other hand, don’t forget to add 250ml of witch hazel. Fill the whole liquid into a spray container and spray it around the house, carpets, pet beddings and furniture.
  • There is lemon spray and it is called as the most effective as you can use citrus spray to get rid of fleas. Thinly slice a lemon and boil it in water and as the water about to reach on boiling point then stop heating it more. Wait for cooling it overnight and now this is the time to pour it in spray bottle. Now this is the time to spray it on sofas, pet beddings, carpets, chairs etc. You have to spray as the area get dampen a little.

These two remedies of Homemade Flea Spray For House are the best but make sure that you use a vacuum cleaner in the area where you want to spray. It can be more effective to get better and faster results.