If you are starting a new business in India, then you must follow the registration process.  It is a complicated process where you need to submit the essential documents regarding the business. From residential address proof to legal Id, you have to submit every essential thing. If you want to become a successful businessman, then registration of the company is important for you. However, if you don’t have much time for the registration process, then you must hire the professional company for it. There are thousands of companies are out there that are completing the process in the reasonable worth.

If you are looking for the best Company Secretarial in Malaysia, then you should consider online websites.  A registration process can be easier and affordable that doesn’t cost much.  As per researchers, you must put the unique name of the business in the registration process. Let’s discuss how to complete the registration process in the limited time period.

  • Obtain the Digital Signature Certificate

If you don’t want to face any problem in the future, then you should complete the registration process. There are seven lacks registered companies available in the India that is legal. However, you will find two types of companies such as a private and public company. If you are registering the private company, then the process of registration is completely different.

  • Grab DIN

It is one of the most important processes where you have to register the DIN.  According to constitution 2006, If you want to run any legal company, then you have to collect the DIN that is mandatory for the director. You will find DIN 1 form on the official website of the MCA.

Ultimately, after filling the form, you must upload the form on the official website and then grab the license of the company.