Electric toothbrush is a revolutionary invention, in the field of oral care. Some people still insist and believe that manual toothbrushes are better. However, now a day majority of the dentist reply in positive, if you ask them http://toothbrushtalk.co.uk/electric-vs-manual/. Why electric toothbrush is better and what are the advantages of electric toothbrushes. Let’s try to find out.

It is true that manual tooth brushes are hassle free, they don’t need to be charged and they are cheap. You can choose from a huge verity of size, design and size. However, majority of the people don’t use them properly. They are used with so much of force that they cause serious damage to the gums. Moreover, they are not used for the proper length of time, people use them for few seconds and consider their brushing is done. So, when you ask is electric toothbrush is better? The answer is yes, as it overcomes all these problems.

Electric toothbrush has brought a revolution in oral care. All you have to do is move the toothbrush in your mouth and rest will be done by the toothbrush itself. You can adjust the timer on the brush to ensure brushing for the recommended length of time. This feature is useful for kids. Another advantage of electric toothbrush is the proper application of pressure. If you will apply extra force, the brush will give you signal that it can be damaging for your teeth. Hence, electric toothbrush saves your teeth from damage.

Is electric toothbrush better? majority of the dentists agree with it and recommend them. Patients of arthritis also find them quite useful. Many people say that they are costly, but now a day, companies are manufacturing cost effective models as well, which are very cheap.

So, start using electric toothbrushes and enjoy the benefits they offer.