Mobile phones have taken an important place in our lives and a large number of human population own a smartphone. The use of mobile phones has replaced many things in our lives like torch, alarm clock, gaming devices, calculators and radio. These are the basic functions which every mobile has. Social networking is another thing, which smartphones have introduced in our lives. Apps like Moco Space has taken it to another level.

More than 80% users of Moco Space are below 30 years of age and nearly 25% are teenagers. This is something quite unusual for a social media platform. But Moco Space has some exciting features, which makes it attractive for the young people. For instance, it is accessible on every mobile phone, which can be connected with internet. Most of the young people are students and they cannot afford to buy expansive phones. This app provides them the opportunity to get connected with the other people with their cheap smartphone and that is like an opening in the dark.

It is available for the cheap phone users, but it does not mean that it lacks any feature or it has nothing to offer to its users. The users of Moco Space can enjoy all the features, which other social media platforms offer, but even more than them. The company has no relationship with any mobile carrier that is the reason the app is available for every user, no matter what is the source of his internet connection and who is the maker of his mobile device. The owners avoid to build such features which are compatible with some specific smartphone and working hard to keep it compatible with verity of mobile phones.

Moco Space aims to provide some great social networking services to its users and that is the reason, it is known as the young people’s app.