There are so many things Mark Hurd is. He is a top business executive, paid for college education with tennis scholarship, and has led three big companies including NCR, Hewlett-Packard and now Oracle Corporation. With such huge success and popularity, it is very easy for people to assume so many things about Here and career. Here are three things Mark Hurd is not but you think he is.

Mark Hurd Is Not a Programmer

Most people would believe that with many years leading technology companies, Hurd must be a programmer himself to be able to understand the products he sells. The truth is he is actually not a programmer. While many company employees became developers when the company they worked for bought computer systems, Hurd didn’t join the bandwagon. However, he happened to understand deeply how many of the product he sells work despite the fact that he is not a programmer.

Mark Hurd Is Not A Billionaire

This is one of the aspects of Mark Hurd’s life that many people find hard to believe. Mark Hurd is not a billionaire. Hurd’s net worth according to celebrity is just about 35 million dollars. While Hurd’s worth cannot be compared to some of the college dropouts that founded tech companies, he has definitely made something for himself.

Mark Hurd Didn’t Get a Pay Raise At Oracle

Many believed that after moving to Oracle corporations Mark Hurd’s salary increased. However, according to records, his salary is 950,000 dollars, which is the same thing he earned back in 2013. However, people like Hurd rely on bonuses, which are tied to stock values to encourage them to make the company profitable.

Mark Hurd’s life is full of interesting topics that many people will find utterly fantastic. He is a real leader with many qualities that makes him stand out in the crowd.